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Be a citizen

Thessaloniki is a city with a very long history. Many archeological monuments and places of historical and touristic interest are located here. Most of them, such as the White Tower, Aristotle’s square and The Galerius’s arch, are located very close to COLORS. The wide variety of Thessaloniki’s museums is surprising. From history to visual arts, and from cinema to mammoths, you are sure to find something to catch your interest.

In order to help our guests when sightseeing, we offer maps with suggested routes. Twice a week we go out exploring the city, with a guide and a different point of view and approach each time. The guide is a certified, local tour guide, or a member of our stuff, depending on the approach of each tour.

Thessaloniki Timeline

316 B.C.: Founding of Thessaloniki by ruler and king of Macedonia, Cassander.
148 B.C.: Thessaloniki becomes the capital of the Roman “District of Macedonia”.
50 A.D.: St. Paul arrives.
Late 3rd – early 4th century A.D.: The Complex of Roman Emperor Galerius’ is built.
303: St. Demetrius’ martyrdom.
390: Citizens of Thessaloniki riot and slaughtered in the city racetrack.
6th & 7th century: Invasion by Avaro Slaves, countered by the city’s defenders.
904: Fall of Thessaloniki to Saracen pirates.
1185: Fall of Thessaloniki to Normas.
1204: Thessaloniki becomes capital of the Frankish “Kingdom of Thessaloniki”.
1224: Thessaloniki becomes capital of the Greek “Empire of Thessalloniki” founded by Theodore Komnenos Doukas.
14th century: The “Golden Age” of Thessaloniki as far as literature and art are concerned.
1342 – 1349: Zealotry Period.
1387 – 1403: First Ottoman occupation period.
1423 – 1430: Venetian occupation period.
1430, March 29th: Fall of Thessaloniki to the Turks of Sultan Murad II.
Late 15th – early 16th century: Jews from Spain arrive and settle in Thessaloniki.
1821: Manslaughters and persecutions of Greeks in Thessaloniki by the Turks when the Greek Revolution begins.
2nd half of the 19th century: “Modernization of Thessaloniki.
1890: A big fire destroys the center of Thessaloniki.
1908: Thessaloniki becomes one of the young Turks movement center.
1912, October 26th: Liberation of the city by the Greek army.
1915, October 5th: During the World War I, English and French troops disembarked on Thessaloniki. The city becomes the heart of the “Macedonian frond”.
1916, August 17th: The “National Movement” arises and prevails in Thessaloniki.
1916, September 26th: Eleftherios Venizelos arrives to Thessaloniki and forms a Temporary Government.
1917, August 5th: A big fire destroys the center of Thessaloniki.
1923: With the exchange of populations, 90.000 Greek refugees arrive from Asia Minor to Thessaloniki.
1926: University of Thessaloniki and Thessaloniki International Fair start functioning.
1936: Bloody conflicts between protesters and the police (May).
1941, April 9th: Takeover of Thessaloniki by the German army.
1943, March: Thousands of Jews living in Thessaloniki sent to Nazi concentration camps.
1944, October 29th: German occupation troops leave the city and the city is liberated.
1952: Erection of University buildings begins.
1962: Greek music festival begins.
1962: Inauguration of the New Archaeological Museum in YMCA square
1966: Greek Film Festival begins.
1978, June 20th: A strong earthquake of 6.5 Richter shocks the city causing many damages and victims.
1982, October 27th: Inauguration of the Museum of Macedonian Struggle.
1994, September 11th: Inauguration of the Museum of Byzantine Culture.
1997: Thessaloniki’s year as a European Cultural Capital.
2004: Thessaloniki’s year as an Olympic city.
2009: The new city waterfront reconstructing is completed.
2009: Inauguration of the new City Hall
2012: Thessaloniki celebrates its 100 years liberation anniversary
2014: Thessaloniki’s year as the European Youth Capital.


Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki M. Andronikou 6
Museum of Byzantine Culture Leoforos Stratou 2
Museum of Contemporary Art Moni Lazariston & Warehouse Β1 – Port
Thessaloniki Cinema Museum Port, Warehouse A
Science & Technology Museum Noesis 6Th Km. Thessaloniki – Thermi Road

Local Attractions

The White Tower
Kamara – Galerius Arch
The Rotunda
Aristotle’s Square
Ano Poli – Old City & Castles
Water Front
Concert Hall

Expos and Festivals

Every year Thessaloniki is a host to various expo’s and festivals. During your visit ask at the Front Desk information on what’s happening so you don’t miss out.

Places of Interest